Thursday, June 22, 2017

Introduction and CALL FOR ACTION

This is the [future] site of an online auction to benefit Kayla Andrade, a fourteen-year-old girl who has been fighting to live since she was just weeks old. 

Her family and friends have fought with her, now it's time for the rest of us to fight FOR her. 

Please take a few minutes to watch this video and meet Kayla: 

To learn more about Kayla's fight, please visit Fighting With Kayla.
If you'd prefer to make a monetary donation, please visit this GoFundMe page. 

A quick intro: My name is Jessa Russo, and I went to school with Kayla's mom, DeeDee Riley. I have coordinated two very successful auctions (HERE and HERE), raising thousands of dollars for friends in need. 
But I can't do it alone; generous people are the fuel behind any fundraising efforts! 

In the next few weeks, I will be accepting donations for the Fighting FOR Kayla Online Auction, which will be held right here on this blog during the week of 
Monday, July 17th through Friday, July 21st
More specific details, auction items, and rules will be posted in the coming days. 

ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO KAYLA'S FAMILY, to help them continue to fight with Kayla. ALL money raised will be raised with the intention to help the Riley family with medical expenses, household expenses, loss of income, travel expenses, and any additional, unforeseen expenses. 

If you and/or anyone you know can donate items, gift certificates, services, etc., PLEASE comment on this post with your email address, or email Jessa directly at jessastadtler AT gmail DOT com.  You may also message me on Facebook, or reach out via Twitter (@JessaRusso). 


  1. Not only will I donate a basket of books and goodies, but I'll spread the word among the most generous people in the world. Romance authors!!
    Best of luck, Kayla! I actually wrote a heroine with your name several years ago, but you're too young to read that story. LOL

    1. Oops. I fogot to include my email addy.
      I took a couple pictures of the auction basket.

  2. Thank you so much, Ashlyn! I'll reach out after the holiday!

  3. Jessa,
    You are amazingly generous to organize this auction! I have a fourteen year old with a chronic illness (and have one myself), so although I can't imagine what Kayla and her family are going though, I can understand the helplessness. I would be happy to donate a critique (15 pages plus blurb). I will be in Ireland July 6th-16th, but can complete the critique when I return. I'll also share this page with some fellow YA authors. My email:
    I'm praying for Kayla and her family!

  4. You know I'm in with a full MS crit. <3


#fightingFORkayla Auction Items: LIST OF ALL ITEMS

Here you'll find all of the items listed in this auction!  Scroll through and click on the links to bid!  Good luck, have fun...